Sanctuary 335 Main Street S., Hutchinson

A brief morning worship service to start your day. Meet in the sanctuary or via Facebook for about 15 minutes. Tuesday and Thursday will be a reflective time of readings […]

Seniors’ Potluck

Potluck meal, fellowship, devotions, and great speakers.


Communion at the Oaks and Pines

Pastors from FLC and CtK rotate providing a monthly communion service at the Oaks and Pines the second Thursday of each month. Services are at 1:30 at the Oaks and […]


HCVN Television Broadcast of Service

Live Service broadcast on Sunday mornings at 8 a.m. through HCVN (Channel 7 via Nuvera, Channel 7 via Mediacom) Continuing with: Recorded services broadcast on HCVN (Channel 10 via Nuvera, […]